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      You know quite well. First I was going to apologise for all the thoughts that had ever been in my mind about you and the hospital. I was {259}an utter fool not to have known that you were the most generous

      Well, after what the Club has done to-day, he said, there is no telling whom they would blackball. But certainly I should have been, at one time, very happy to propose him.INCIDENTS OF A WHALING VOYAGE.

      "A crape shawl for mother, and another for me; now don't you forget," said Mary; "and some fans and some ivory combs, and some of those funny little cups and saucers such as Aunt Amelia has, and some nice tea to drink out of them."The room was intolerable to him, he stifled and struggled in its air of bitter longings. His dreams had built a pavilion in his garden, and hung it with tapestries, and fate, terrible as an army with{339} banners, had torn them down and trampled upon them in its relentless march. He could at least refuse to look on the ruins any more.

      "Because it makes Chi-ca-go.""It is found," said the Doctor, "in a short poem that was written more than a hundred and fifty years ago, by Bishop Berkeley. The last verse is like this:

      Oh, my dear Thomas, you havent heard the terrible news then? she said. I thought you would be sure to have seen it placarded somewhere. Alice went straight to her room, and I havent seen her since, though I repeatedly knocked at the door, which she has locked on the inside, and Im sure its most unnatural of her not to let her own mother comfort her. It all happened in a moment: I have always said those great motor-cars shouldnt be allowed to career about the streets, especially when they are all paved with cobbles as they are at Easton Haven, which are{331} so slippery when its wet. He slipped, and it went over him in a moment.


      He interrupted.



      With the first streak of dawn the boys were on deck, where they were joined by Doctor Bronson. The sun was just rising when the steamer dropped her anchor, and, consequently, their first day in the new country was begun very early. There was an abundance of sights for the young eyes, and no lack of subjects for conversation.